Rapid Refocusing System

Optical path on the Rapid Refocusing System. Image from  HRH

Welcome to our website! Our groups are dedicated to bringing new open source imaging approaches to studying vascular biology. Using the power of new microscopic techniques and advances in methods for image analysis we hope our open source contributions will advance understanding of cardiovascular disease.
Who we are

We are a collaboration between the Universities of Strathclyde and Durham and are interested in developing technology that allows us to visualize complex cell signalling mechanisms in blood vessels to better understand cardiovascular disease.

Software & downloads

The software we have developed to support our technologies is OPEN SOURCE and is available to download here..

What we do

We develop technologies that has allowed us to image signalling events and mechanistic changes that happen throughout the vascular network, escpecilly how these are altered in disease states.


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The technology
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We have developed technologies such as the  GRadient INdex (GRIN) system, a rapid refocusing system and an affordable myograph system.

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Contact us
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Feel free to get in touch, we love hearing from people with common research nterests especially potential collaborators, or even if you just have a query about what we do, we'd love to hear from you too...