The Technology

As a part of the Wellcome Trust collaborations tech development, we have developed a number of custom-designed systems allowing us to image complex cell signalling events in intact and en face vessel preparations.

GRadient INdex System


We have developed a miniature wide-field, GRadient-INdex (GRIN) optical probe designed to fit inside an intact pressurized artery. This permits endothelial cell signaling to be imaged with subcellular resolution in a large number (~200) of naturally connected endothelial cells at various pressures. This allows us to study endothelial pressure-dependent mechano-sensitive signalling in a physiologically-relevant model.


We have designed and implemented a low cost alternative to commercial systems, which we call VasoTracker. We have made the design, set up, source code and example datasets freely available so that any lab can easily perform pressure myography.

Rapid Refocusing System

This system is designed to study the rapid communication between endothelial and smooth muscle layers by scanning rapidly between two focal planes without moving heavy microscope objectives or disturbing the sample.