Our groups are part of a long term collaboration that brings together biologists, optical physicists, engineers and astronomers from Durham University and the University of Strathclyde, who seek to use novel approaches to understand cardiovascular problems. We are adapting and applying optical approaches developed initially by astronomers to increase the power of our visualizing the causes of cardiovascular disease.
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Durham University

Prof. John Girkin 
Project Lead Durham
physics, optical imaging, development
Dr. Chris Saunter
Associate Professor
physics, astronomy, software
Dr. Penny Lawton
Research Associate
physics, instrument development
Dr. Laurence Fitzpatrick
Research Associate
analysis software development 

University of Strathclyde

Prof. John McCarron
Project Lead Strathclyde
calcium, endothelium, microscopy
Dr. Calum Wilson 
Research Fellow
engineering, endothelium, calcium
Dr. Helen Heathcote
Research Associate
endothelium, biology, ROS
Dr. Xun Zhang
Research Associate
endothelium, biology, microscopy
Dr. Charlotte Buckley 
Research Associate
optics, imaging, endothelium
Dr. Matthew Lee
Research Associate
endothelium, heterogeneity, calcium
Contact Us:

Prof. John McCarron

SIPBS, 161 Cathedral Street,

Glasgow, G4 0RE

email: john.mccarron@strath.ac.uk


Prof. John Girkin

Durham University South Road,

Durham, DH1 3LE

email: j.m.girkin@durham.ac.uk